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Apr 16, 2013 10:25am PDT
to school programs for the authority board in 2011 for bicycle safety and [speaker not understood], sunset elementary and [speaker not understood] middle schools. the projects will include the construction of two [speaker not understood], bicycle lanes on ortega between 20th avenue and the great highway and the upgrade of programs to meet a-d-a standard. on the slide before you, you can actually see a visual of the improvements and the locations. you can also see this map on page 34 of your enclosure. construction is anticipated to be completed by the end of this summer with exception of two curb ramps on 37th, which will be completed as part of the san francisco public utilities commission underground system project. those programs will be completed in august 2014. the sfmta has also requested prop k substep for the construction of five two way bicycle greenway facilities along the existing bicycle network. the specific lists of locations can be viewed on the site as well as on page 55 of your enclosure. these greenway facilities will modify signal timing so the bicyclists encounter a ser
Apr 22, 2013 10:44am PDT
bicycles previously done by cars. they are good for neighborhoods and businesses and encourage short trips to communities. san francisco will take part in a bike sharing program program, a regional program that will serve as a small portion of the downtown core of san francisco. this is initially 35 stations and bikes located from mid-market to the embarcadero and this is only a first step and we need to move quickly to enact a full larger city wide program. other cities nationwide are also starting bike share programs with more bikes and more stations. new york city will include 300 stations and 5500 bikes. chicago will have 400 bikes and 400 bikes and portland a city with two thirds of our population will have 75 stations and 7500 bikes. i don't want to see san francisco fall behind and we know this type of program requires a certain size in order to ensure its success, so it's important that we establish this pilot, and in my view that we quickly build on it, so with that i want to welcome the mta. , staff from mta who have been spear heading this pilot and talk to what we're doing
Apr 4, 2013 9:00pm PDT
to walk to school if possible. i'm also trying to bring a program called the bicycle ambassador program to the city that i think would make it safer for pedestrians. ~ i live in district 7 and recently a couple walking across the street on vicente, west portal was hit. it just so happens that i knew both of them. tanya madsis died a few days later. i had gone to school with david. and i think that san francisco is a particularly difficult and dangerous city for pedestrians. i would like to see a lot of changes taking place, more lighted crosswalks in district 7, more or no left-right turns when pedestrians are crossing the street. i hope i will be considered for reappointment to the committee. thank you. >> thank you. yes, you have a question. >> thank you. ms. brasso, sounds like we should be electing you to the state house. [laughter] >>> i do serve on the [speaker not understood] legislative committee on the state level. so, we would do this there, too. >> thanks. you're already on your way. thank you. i was wondering if you could just expound in just a few sentences about the bicyc
Apr 27, 2013 7:30am PDT
, and bicycle projects and programs. meters, and bicycle projects and programs. meters, and bicycle projects and programs. a> > this is a discussion and possible action item. >> thank you. good afternoon. stephen cornell. polk street merchants association. i am happy that you decided to have a hearing on parking issues and we would like to give you today more detail up out some of the things that are happening in our neighborhoods in san francisco around parking and different things with mta, streetscape, streets, everything. hopefully this will give a chance to the small business community and the commission and some of these issues that we are experiencing with mta, which are a lot and are happening all the time. hopefully the commission can come up with some recommendation that will help change policies of the mta and also more importantly change the attitude of this particular agency. of our presentation should give you some insight about what we are dealing with in all areas of the business community. we are talking about issues in the retail corridor; in the business district, light i
Apr 15, 2013 9:30pm PDT
brief introduction as to what bicycle sharing is. i think one of the best analogies i use is like car sharing and membership base and affordable. it's convenient and available 24 hours a day and seven days a week and safe and perhaps counter intuitively and better than car sharing as a bicycle sharing professional it includes bike and healthy and clean and unlike most traditional car sharing it allows for one way trips. bikes can be checked out from one location and checked into another. when i say the location checked in we're talking about bike share stations. these are comprised of docks analogous to bicycle racks and only specialally designed bicycles can be checked into the docks and the technology that we are going with san francisco and popular in north america and modular and battery powered and charged using solar so if we need to move them for whatever wane we can move them across the street or expand or contract the stations and they don't require excavation or trenching or ac internal power. where is bike sharing? this is a map from a uc berkeley team that i updated an
Apr 16, 2013 9:30am PDT
collection policy specifically refers to vehicles, not bicycles. ~ this case demonstrates the narrowness of the police department traffic stop data collection policy since it can be narrowly interpreted to apply only to vehicles. in other jurisdictions, there are broader stop data collection requirements that apply to all stops, not just traffic stops. so, since it was a policy failure, the officer was not disciplined. neglected duty -- >> the chief [speaker not understood] >> yes, as with all policy failures, there is a policy enacted to address that. our current policy was that bicycle wasn't within the vehicles because the officers are told by the vehicle code, which is not a bicycle. we have since put out a permanent bulletin to ask that that be the case going forward on bicycles. >> we will vet to disclose any or all item discussed in closed session. do i have a motion? >> [speaker not understood]. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> we will move to line item number 8, adjournment. >> i move adjournment. >> we adjourn in honor of two individuals [inaudible]. >> i'd like to adjour
Apr 22, 2013 8:30pm PDT
decrease in street parking, is not 100 percent decrease. what the issue was is pedestrian and bicycle safety, that's been lost from the equation. now it's really become admittedly a bicycle through way, north/south on polk, because it is a most level portion of that area. that makes it frustrating because if you go back to a study done in 2011, published in january, 2012, call the san francisco pedestrian task force there's about 25 different people on the board; is a strong representation from the mta; there is no presentation from small business so all the policies they proposed really don't have anything to do with the corridor that they are working on. they talk about the mechanics of the street but they're missing the function of the street. polk is a street design is a commercial thoroughfare with business and i can't believe that they missed it that much really the biggest thing that is also frustrating that it comes down to, the mta is moving forward so fast that they think that they just need engineers, and they just need city officials to be on their board and they don't see
Mar 31, 2013 8:30pm PDT
off the street to prevent those violent crimes. we can talk for a minute about bicycle theft. as a mentioned earlier, bicycle theft accounted for some of our burglarize that we were experiencing last year. bicycle thefts occur citywide but the mission of being such an active place for bicyclist. we do see quite a bit of bicycle thefts. between 2011-2012 we dropped slightly. one of the efforts that we used in combating the problem is you do enforcement operation but we find is education. we hosted 2 bike theft workshops and first held at the mission station and second in part with google downtown. in those workshops, we had members of our investigation team and talked about how we investigate bike theft and talking about a garage security. we had members of the san francisco bicycle safety committee, we had members from valencia cycleary about how to lock your bicycles and talked about bike safety. and it was really effective. our second one was much bigger than the first one and we hope to host more this year. this next slide, i would like to talk about building partnerships
Apr 19, 2013 8:44am PDT
afternoon again. in the transportation triangles i'd like to talk about drivers and pedestrians and bicycles. and some of the correspondences are over will you explain and there's some aspects of safety that's going to be more paramount as we expand bicycle lanes and want people we're talking about and things like that. a lot of our major intersections there's a movement which is good toward city planning allowing the opportunity to make right turns with no restrictions. pedestrian safety is a 2-way street it's pedestrians looking out for themselves as well. when i come to a stop sign just because you're a pedestrian doesn't mean you can walk wherever you feel like that. there's a chief who's doing some advocacy work like not tweeting and things like that. you can't walk just because you're in the box. there's 17 hundred pedestrians that were hit last year we schedule and advertise a meeting last month and invited mta. we have made public requests and local merchants have passed on the information. this information was insufficient this structure is to begin in a few weeks. the information i
Apr 15, 2013 4:30pm PDT
by a thousand bicycles as mentioned. >> a thousand bikes in san francisco? >> no. it's a regional program. >> so another $4 million to get -- >> a thousand bikes supplied recently. that's an additional 300 bikes of the 700 and this will bring san francisco to a full complement of 500 bicycles at 50 stations. in terms of the other funding that's available to the air district, we've had discussions with our supervisors and we've got for the 23 county supervisors and the instructions that we've gotten at our last meeting with those folks is they want to see the system expand. they've asked to see what we can come up with in terms of revenue. obviously there is an interest in bringing this system to other regions of the bay area as well. we've had no specific instruction from them to increase the number of bicycles in san francisco, although we know that the san francisco members of our board are very interested in seeing that happen. so, we're now looking for that complete revenue package to see a number of different things. as you consider your motion today, there's a couple things i think you sho
Apr 26, 2013 11:00am PDT
more than just a bicycle shop. >> it was like a clubhouse. he did more than just...fix bikes. he had we barbecues and shows and... >> anthony rolled out a bicycle he the with scrap pieces from the bicycleship and spent six summers here putting bicycles together and selling them. >> it wasn't work. it was just doing a favor, fixing your bicycle. helping someone out with their bikes. >> the fire started at 9:30 last night and the structure was build here in 1884. the building is vacant. a woman and her child were on the scene last night claiming they had access to the place. firefighters do not know sure whether they were inside. >> everything she gave us was not reliable. >> firefighters could not go inside last night or this morning. the building was unstable and they tried to look inside to confirm no one was in there. firefighters try to figure out the stability and what could have caused the fire, the bicycle friends share their enthusiasm. >> she is talking about the owner of favors and we are told he moved out a couple of weeks ago but still has some valuable pieces inside. the own
Apr 6, 2013 9:30pm PDT
third street used to be a 6 lane road now it's a one lane road because they put the bicycle lane and the street cars and now we got one lane for cars and is that just for us in bay view? just tell us the name of the game so we can learn how to play it. it's extremely unfair and it seems racial to us that you guys would tell the police to come out here in our community and give every black person a ticket that was parked in his own drive way they told us and they told me at my home that we can't park in the drive way no more by your orders so what are we supposed to do? give us the rules where we can park our cars where you guys are taking the spaces up and there ain't no place to park what are we supposed to do. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon i was born and raised in san francisco i've been a car driver about five years about last year i left yellow cab went to work for -- i was a little diss enchanted since then i left and came back to yellow cab and they were kind enough to accept me back what happened at uber they flooded the market with car and see my income wen
Apr 4, 2013 2:30pm PDT
, complimentary facilities especially for the bicycle facility. this item begins on page 27 of your packet. and behind the memo on page 34, is a letter from the three directors of the mta. and sfmta dpw and planning department providing an overview of the options that are under development and under consideration. and this amendment here would allow for the development of mission street option to compliment the market street designs as an alternative or as a near term pilot. following the letter from the directors is a study time line and budget snapshot so that you have a full update on the project. at this point, let me turn it over to mindy to provide the main presentation. >> thank you, kelley. >> could we please have the... okay. good morning, commissioner cohen and members of the committee, my name is mindy linesky i am with the better market team. i also have kelley the assistant manager and neal who is the urban design lead and andrew lee who is the transportation lead, and patrick revera who is the deputy division manager we are all here to be able to answer any questions that you
Apr 10, 2013 6:00pm PDT
, not bicycles. ~ this case demonstrates the narrowness of the police department traffic stop data collection policy since it can be narrowly interpreted to apply only to vehicles. in other jurisdictions, there are broader stop data collection requirements that apply to all stops, not just traffic stops. so, since it was a policy failure, the officer was not disciplined. neglected duty -- >> the chief [speaker not understood] >> yes, as with all policy failures, there is a policy enacted to address that. our current policy was that bicycle wasn't within the vehicles because the officers are told by the vehicle code, which is not a bicycle. we have since put out a permanent bulletin to ask that that be the case going forward on bicycles. >> chief, are there other similar kinds of vehicles that are in broader codes in other jurisdictions that we might banta to take the opportunity to include in that at this time? ~ want to other than bicycles? i don't know. director, do you know what other vehicles might not be present in our current policy that we might want to add at this time other than bicy
Mar 31, 2013 7:00pm PDT
source so the tax dollars are divided up there's a bicycling bicycle one and a pedestrian one and within the combing track it's a pie divided into thirds. and the last one is for schools. historical that money has been used to match the safe to school grants. now we're going to still work on the grants we're going to match the grants on another sources so that freeze up the sources to use it on traffic combing around schools but the kinds of things we're interested in are should we take that 1 hundred and 50 thousand every year and spread it out over the city. should we hold it on two years and have a larger pot or are we going to might be do half the city one year and try to have that money go further to invest in more significant projects around the schools particularly the ones near or materials there's a bicycle category, there's a maintenance category and 0 o all those places are needed to be funded around schools. i think we very specific information we could share about the historic improvements at the tenderloin school if you're interested in that by the way, illustration. it's s
Apr 24, 2013 9:00am PDT
bicycle got into a little bit of a tiff with a motorist on the road. the folks going down this narrow road, the minivan pulls up and cuts off this cyclist. and then stops and nearly takes out the biker as he opens the driver's door. the guy uploads the video says he knew he wasn't going to be able to outrun a car so he keeps going on his bicycle. the van is behind him. he pulls a u-turn and the driver chases after him and decks him. >> no! >> what's a van driver upset about? he passed the biker. >> apparently he was upset because he couldn't make a pass soon enough. it doesn't quite seem like it deserves this. the driver was not charged in this incident. >>> it's a scary scene for passengers on a bus when a knife-wielding thief. >> jumps in through the window. >> but, it doesn't end there. the story behind the attack that no one saw coming. >>> and this micropig is one cute pet. >> this little one was so small that they had to bring it inside the house to be hand-raised. >> where these little piggies are becoming the next big thing. >>> public transportation in columbia recently installed
Apr 4, 2013 11:30am PDT
that is not a person or another vehicle are high and then followed by vehicle pedestrian collisions and vehicle bicycle collisions which are more concentrated in the northeastern part of the city for obvious reasons but happening in this district as well. looking specifically of the break down of factors that are attributed to the district. a third are by police department reports associated with unsafe speed. these are people going too fast and the police officer determined that was the primary cause of the collision. again there maybe other factors involved but that is tip keap the most common. city wide about a fourth of unsafe speed and the thing to keep in mind with unsafe speed not only does the speed cause the collision but if the person is going fast enough the injuries with the speed increase so focusing on speed is one of the important issues in san francisco because not only does an unsafe speed cause a collision. an unsafe speed can kill a pedestrian, a bicyclist and severely injure motor vehicle occupants. >> excuse me. quick question here. just from your comments. is that why you t
Apr 4, 2013 2:00pm PDT
be addressed, bicycles on sidewalks, skate boards on sidewalks, and elderly folks just trying to do their everyday business. there are a lot of concerns in district 6 with the safety of all, children included because of the yerba buena gardens and the children's museum. so, there's a lot of pedestrian activity along with the moscone conferences. in dealing with the volume of people when conferences are in play, and the mix bicycles, cars, construction, et cetera, it is a major hub in need of pedestrian safety [speaker not understood] including stop light signals, walk signals, et cetera, and the timing of that with everything going on, especially between mission and king streets. along fourth street, it's very, very needed area for inspection. but i would think that i'd be a good representative because i live it every day and i would be very honored to represent district 6 for this committee. thank you very much for your consideration. >> thank you. supervisor breed? >> yes. mrs. kos, i want to ask you about your -- >>> kos, yes. >> i wanted to ask you what are your thoughts around
Apr 5, 2013 2:00pm PDT
and to fund the bicycle infrastructure as your staff has identified. >> winston parsons. >> good afternoon. my name is winston parsons. i'm a lifetime san francisco born here. i want to talk about polk. the infrastructure needs to be completed as soon as possible. i want to talk about polk street. i have attended the of the meetings and 2 other once including the middle polk association and community leadership alliance associations meetings. i have to say, the tone taken at the meeting was really accurate and while it probably shouldn't have been it was really surprising. as someone who walks and takes transit to polk street, the mind presence against the improvement takes the assumption that bicycling and pedestrian improvement are at odds. parking is hard to find on the street. parking represents 6 percent of available parking within a 1 block radius. that's what's recently presented. particularly in light of the mta shows that 85 percent of people arrive on car. the proposal at it's most, half of the on street parking at polk street, that is 3 percent of on park nth area. i think it's
Apr 7, 2013 3:30am PDT
to narrow the street to four lanes and add a bicycle lane which is a good idea when you have multiple lanes and you reduce some of the lanes it reduces the pedestrian factor. obviously that wasn't enough to prevent the fatal collision from occurring because vehicles whether have six lanes or four are going fast and not yielding sometimes as required by law so we're doing as the department of public works indicate pursuing a grant to make improvements at that location and others and we will work with the state on one of the longest stretches in san francisco without signs or signals and we are having meetings as we speak in getting the work done. finally in with the enforcement and they can devote limited resources to address the concerns and based on the collision date that is being indicated so we provided that information as well to the board of supervisors, so if you need to see that let me know, but just a report that has this kind of level of detail and your offices can work with the police department in terms of addressing some of these issues. regardless of what engineering that we
Apr 9, 2013 10:30am PDT
to all of these, one of the cons is that it does not provide a separate bicycle facility, however it does provide a lot of space for the street lights zones and one of the things that we really need to keep in mind is how do we make market street more active? how do we give folks something to do while they are standing and waiting for the buses? >> the second option we are calling the market street bike way. and this particular option we would have a cycle track, a divided track and the design is still to be decided. and we would have buses, and everything back and forth. part of the cons to this is that even though there is a cycle track, there is no continuous bicycle facility. when we get to some of the pinch points at the bike portals and some of the larger islands we will need to vere off into a shared lane of traffic. it also limits the size of the street light zones and we would need to move back the curbs, and make lessen some of the work and it would also involve a lot more money in terms of a lot more permanent changes to the street. but there is definitely pros to this as well.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 518 (some duplicates have been removed)